Monday, March 30, 2009

Death Week and a New Computer

Two weeks ago, my car died.  It was very strange.  There I was, trying to come back home from the one class that I had dragged myself out of bed at 7 AM for just to wait for a teacher who never showed up, and when I stuck the key in the ignition, it wouldn't start.  We had to pay to get it towed, then wait 3 days for them to finally figure out what was wrong with it.  Apparently, something had gone wrong with the computer inside it, and the thing had to be re-programmed.  Very silly.  But that was two weeks ago.  This post is actually about last week.  The car dying does set the stage nicely, though.

Sunday comes, and I think, "Huh.  I might be getting sick."  I make mental plans to eat healthy and take it easy until the cold goes away.  We went to Church, where things just kept getting worse.  Halfway through Sacrament Meeting, I was sick.  I asked Ryan if we could go home.  He was so good, and we left without questions or hassle.  It was a good thing, too, because 10 minutes after we got home, I (this is going to get graphic.  I apologize profusely!) yes... I threw up.  Just once.  We think it was food poisoning that started it off.  But it got worse from there.  We didn't have a thermometer, but I'm fairly certain that over the next few days I had a fever, plus the coughing, sore throat, grogginess, and sore muscles.  It didn't help that the weather turned cold, which exacerbated those symptoms.  Plus, with the pregnancy, I don't have my normal amount of energy anyway.  It was... not fun.  In Ryan's words, "It hits like a freight train!"

On Monday, we found out that Ryan did not get accepted to OSU.  It was disappointing, but at the same time liberating.  We know at least one direction in which our lives are not heading right now.  And, heck, we could go anywhere in the world right now!  Fun times.

On Tuesday our computer died.  Instead of spending $300 to fix it, we decided instead to buy ourselves a new computer- something we'd wanted to do this year anyway- and wipe the old computer completely clean and start over.  The computer we wanted, of course, was not in stock and our names were put on a list as some of the first to get one when they came in.

Wednesday was death day.  I had a bunch of homework due, and no computer to do it on.  I not only had to shower and make myself look presentable, I also had to spend several hours on campus working on homework, getting it turned in, and trying to figure out the computer issue.

Thursday, our TV died.  We don't actually watch tv, so for the most part this was acceptable.  However, when one is sick, there is little the mind or body are capable of, and so we watch movies.  Until Thursday.  

Friday, Ryan got sick.  Poor guy.  I know exactly what he's going through, but he's so tough.  He keeps telling me he's okay, and even though this thing hits like a freight train, he still gets up and goes to classes and stuff.  He's amazing.  But he coughs, and it tears my heart out.

By Saturday, I was feeling better enough to finish some of the homework I'd dropped over the week, and also to teach a riding lesson, so that was good.  

Blessings:  We got our computer today!  It's a shiny new macMini, and I'm totally in love.  :)  (Poor Ryan's reading this right now, and totally jealous of the computer.  Heehee.  Don't worry, Love.  I'll always love you more!)  

Baby's still doing well.  She kicks and rolls around and keeps getting bigger.  

We still have my old mac laptop (by old I mean 7 years!) and we can watch DVDs on that, so we're good until Ryan gets better!

And so, that is life right now.  The semester is almost over, big projects are almost due, we're stressing right now but see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Well, I'm pregnant!

I've discovered that this is a viable excuse for almost anything. For example:

"My clothes don't fit me today! Well..."
"I walk so slow! Well..."
"I want another cookie. Well..."
"I didn't do anything useful today. Well..."
"I really shouldn't have that scoop of ice cream. Well..."
"I'm hot! Well..."
"I'd rather watch a movie than do my homework. Well..."

It's rather fantastic, and at the same time quite frightful. Seriously, what am I going to do when the baby is actually here? Be responsible? Bah!


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

How important is it to like your doctor?

Normally, I don't really care. They generally don't end up helping me anyway, so I've lost whatever trust I may have ever had in doctors.

However, the guy I'm seeing now is supposed to be there for one of the more pivotal events in my life, Ryan's life, Baby's life... and I'm not terribly impressed. He's not good at communicating- at all. Heck, Ryan called him an airhead. He tries to be nice and friendly, but I still end up walking out of his office after every visit thinking that one of us is very stupid. This month I drew the short straw. Last month he did. Regardless, I don't trust him very much.

So, at six months pregnant, I'm wondering if I should go through the hassle of trying to change doctors... or of exploring the midwife option. I've done some research and am fairly impressed with what I've seen, but is it worth the effort and the money?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

To Help the World

So... there are many things I want to do with my life. Ironically, school is not really one of them, but here I am. :) All of my life, I have wanted to be a wife. To me, that is the drive behind much of who I am and what I want to be. And so, here I am! Yay!!! I also wanted to be a mother, and that will come very soon, as well. I'm excited and grateful and I love my daughter very much. I'm excited to meet her.

But there are other things I want to do, as well. I do want to continually learn. I want to be healthy. I want to sew, and garden, and cook, and be creative in all these pursuits. I want to own, train, and work with horses. I want to be somebody that my dog loves.

Of course I want to write. That has always been one of my passions. I'm currently working on a writing project that may or may not turn into something really cool.

I also want to do something to help the world... to make it a better place for the people who live here and who will live here. To this end, I have several ideas.

I would love to impact people with my writing. I think this is a good way, if I can be successful, of reaching many many different people, of fulfilling my own passion, and it is something I can do in my own home, when it is cold outside and I am struck with an idea.

Ryan and I intend to go on missions later in life, which means that I would like to, in the meantime, build up enough savings to allow us to do that comfortably.

I'm sure I will impact the world through my children, but I would love to teach them by example as well.

Micro loans are incredible. I saw a special on BYU-TV about them once, and the idea is simply phenomenal. I would love to contribute to that effort in some way. It not only helps people; it helps people to help themselves. What an amazing gift to give someone!

When I was younger, I read a story about a girl who had a goal to help the world somehow. She didn't know how she would do it, but she was always looking for a way. Then, she saw the beauty of the flowers around her, and decided to perpetuate that. She started carrying seeds with her, and simply scattering them when she walked. I think it was lilacs, or something like that. She became known as the flower lady, and everywhere she went, flowers bloomed. It was so cool! I'd like to do something like that... to spread greenery and beauty and make the world prettier.

A few days ago, I came up with a new idea. See, so much of the news we hear and see is negative. It makes the world look so very bleak. And so, what if I were to begin another blog, and on it post something that is good news, either in our hometown, or in my own life, or in the world... I figure, at the very least, it would help me to see the good that is out there, plus, it would help to further the cause of goodness by putting more of it out into the world, which is really the best way to fight evil, I think.

I went to google and typed in good news, and came up with several different websites. This one has some advertisments, which is annoying, but also doesn't require a fee, which is good, and it seems to be a very good website for seeing good news. I approve.