Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Schprid has a face!

Today was my second dcotor's appointment since I discovered I was pregnant. Last time around, he listened for the heartbeat, but could not find it. He scheduled me to come in again today so we could check for it again. Sadly, he didn't find it. Instead, he sent me downstairs to get an ultrasound.

Ryan and I went and waited for half an hour or so, then were brought back into a dark room where a nice man spread jelly all over my belly. He rubbed the little wand all over, pressing a little harder than was comfortable. I could see Ryan at the back of the room, watching the computer screen and completely entranced. The doctor didn't say a whole lot, and between the two of them I felt very much in the dark.

Finally, the doctor chuckled and said, "It's an active baby! She's jumpin' around in there like a little monkey!" Apparently, he was having a hard time getting the baby to sit still long enough to do any measurements or get the heartbeat. Finally, he pulled the screen over to where I could see it, and I got to see my baby! It's so cute, and so little!!!

It was fun, after the tension of not hearing the heartbeat, and then waiting for the ultrasound, and thinking they might need to do it internally, to be able to see my baby and to hear its heartbeat. Wow. I have a baby!

So, apparently I'm not quite at 12 weeks yet, though I thought I was. I'm at 11 weeks and 4 days, so on Friday I'm at 12 weeks. They'll let me keep my due date, though, which is cool. I'm just excited to be done with my 1st trimester so I can relax a little bit.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


So, I was doing my homework the other day, looking up news articles that had to do with finance. I came across one that told about Utah moms (and many others) who use a website called Etsy.com to sell their handmade crafts. Curious, I checked it out and found everything from clothes to soap to stationary to frames to... well, you get the picture. It's really cool! I've been doing some research, and I discovered that in order to sell on this website, in essence to start your own cool business with a name and a banner and everything, you just have to sign up, pay a $0.20 posting fee for each item you post, and then a 3.5% fee off of what you sell. The wheels in my head are turning. You see, I recently came up with a neat crafty idea, and just finished the first one for myself. I intend to use it for awhile, see if I like it, and then, perhaps, make more and sell them. There are a couple things out there that are somewhat similar to what I'm making, but not quite as cool, in my opinion. There are all sorts of possibilities. And then, I could do other things as well, like making paper (which I've learned a little bit about from my dear friend Ronnie) or sewing, or... anything, really! Oooh... there is much fun to be had.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

So, my wonderful husband got up early and made us breakfast this morning. We had omelets with cheese and bacon and salsa... yummy. And then, he gave me my first birthday present. (Well, not really my first, because I've gotten others from extended family that were completely wonderful!)

He hadn't wrapped it. It was still outside in the trunk of his car. So, when he walked in with it, I closed my eyes, and he plunked it on my head. He told me that, since it fit, I had to wear it to work. I opened my eyes and discovered that I was wearing the awesomest pink straw cowgirl hat. :) Oh, it was delightful. I love it. I love birthdays. I love my husband.