Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Summer cries.  Its tears stream down in late afternoon temper tantrums, spending the last of its scorching energy.

Then it fades.

The world settles.

The sun rises lower in the sky.

Ever so slowly, the seasons change.

A leaf begins to die, turning a lively yellow, saluting the sun.

Whole mountains turn red, and a chill moves perceptibly down into the earth.

 Darkness becomes a blanket, a presence, a whole world of stars and breath and prayer. 

Creatures begin to hide in thicker coats and deeper homes and hoarded food.

In a last farewell, the land covers itself in crimson, gold, and copper.

And, with a last breath and sigh, the summer fades.

Softly, ever so softly, Autumn falls.

With snow, and spices,

the world settles.

It sleeps.