Monday, March 17, 2008

Wedding Plans

Well, Friday marked our six-week mark. Six weeks until the big day. Time seems to be both dragging and flying in a phenomenon Einstein could never explain.

As it now stands, we have the Temple scheduled as well as the three locations for our various receptions. My uncle will be our photographer. I have several bridesmaids and dresses chosen for them. We know which guys will be in the wedding party, as well as what they will be wearing. (Here's hoping they all like yellow!)

My colors are yellow and purple. I want to have the feel of a big open field of wildflowers. I want to have dancing and food and much frivolity. We do have a couple of problems with that- the first is that the receptions will be in the cultural halls of our churches. It doesn't lend itself to a big open field feeling. The other is that people don't tend to bring frivolity to wedding receptions. Everyone wants to wish the bride and groom happiness, which means the bride and groom and wedding party have to stand, for an hour or more, and shake hands and smile as a mind-numbing amount of people parade by. They leave their gifts, grab some food, and sit down wondering what to do next. How, pray tell, can I encourage people to dance and have fun?

Saturday night was my first Bridal Shower. It was a Tupperware party, and let me tell ya- that's a good way to go! I was given many gifts by the Tupperware lady herself, and instead of traditional gifts, everybody put money into a pot and I get to spend it all on Tupperware, which should last me 30-40 years! Beautiful!

Right now, my Mom is in my apartment, sewing my wedding dress. Yes, that's right, she's making my wedding dress. And it's going to be beautiful. There will be lace, and ties, and patterened chiffon, and inserts... the works. She's having to alter the pattern in a few different ways to make it fit my body, my style, and the Temple, but she's amazing and can do things like that. :) I'm getting a wedding dress!

We've also done engagement pictures already, and are currently working on doing invitations. We have the best paper in the world! My friend makes paper, and can put almost anything in it. We're adding alfalfa hay and purple and yellow confetti. I love it! It totally works with the theme. Actually, it sortof inspired the theme. She had told me that she makes paper, and when I saw the examples, visions opened in my head. It's wonderful!

Let's see- we also have an apartment. It's part of a four-plex in Orem. It has two bedrooms, a decently sized living room, a good kitchen (except for the lack of a dishwasher) and washer-dryer hookups in the bathroom. Woohoo! I can do laundry in my house! His parents are giving us a washer and dryer for a wedding gift, along with a bed, couches, and a chair which his mom just wants to get rid of. I completely love my in-laws right now!

Thoughts and feelings:
First and foremost, I can't wait to be married, just because it will be so nice to not have to say goodbye at night. Ryan is completely wonderful, and I fall more in love with him every day. At the bridal shower, people were asking me things about my husband. :) I liked it. It felt natural, and normal, and good and right. The whole thing, the whole idea, is becoming more real to me. I am getting married. I am a bride. I will be a wife. I will have a husband. I get to spend eternity with my best friend.