Sunday, July 4, 2010

Front Room

Note the sunshine yellow walls and rose pink (heavily stained) carpet...

...the dark green faceplates, vent cover, and door frame...

...the popcorn ceiling, atrocious wallpaper, and homemade valance......and overall ickiness of the room. :)


We covered over the popcorn ceiling with drywall, textured the ceiling and walls, and painted a lovely "biscuit" color.
We changed the carpet from rose pink to a plush mottled beige.
We added a wood table, guitar, and rustic decorations to give it a homey country feel.
We replaced the missing light covers...
...and put a genuine cowhide under the table for one last rustic touch.

Just for some context: This is the front room of the house. The door in the pictures is our front door. Yes, I know it's odd to put a table in a room that is not a dining room, but it kindof works for us. We have another room where we've put our couches and where we spend a lot of time reading and watching movies. We decided we really don't need two rooms with couches. We like to play games. I do lots of crafts. Whenever we have company, it works great for a "party" room. Our kitchen really is too small for company, but the big table in the front room works quite well. We've already gotten great use out of this room. We've played many games, put together a puzzle, and had a party (details on that coming in the next post!) One of these times I'll even have to dig out my sewing machine!

This project was immense (partly because we painted the kitchen at the same time!), and could not have been done without a lot of help. I would like to thank Rachel for helping with the masking, priming and painting, Jen for helping to remove the masking and general help decorating, RC Willey for their carpet selections and installation, Rudy for the drywall and texturing,and Sherwin Williams for their great deals and the Color Fan Deck of Power.

I would also like to mention that we're not quite done with this room. I still need to add curtains, but I'm not sure when that's going to happen, and I plan to post pictures of Cara that were taken in this room in the next couple of days, and I didn't want to give sneak peeks. I'll post more pictures when the curtains are up.