Thursday, July 7, 2011


Our city now has a beach resort, which is pretty awesome because we're nowhere near the ocean.  That's okay, though, because as long as you can get hundreds of gallons of water shooting with incredible force up a hill, you can pretend like you're at the ocean, which is exactly what we did when my family was here. 

Here are a few of the highlights:

The best pictures were of the boys falling up.  I loved it.

Often, you can't even tell who's who.

Then again, sometimes they got it right and they just look cool.

Like right here.

Schprid and Grandma had a great time watching, taking pictures, and, in Schprid's case, drinking a ton of water.  Which eventually overflowed her diaper onto my lap.  Ah, the life of a mother.  :)

Back to the action...

...or to watching it from above while striking an awesome pose.

Do you see toes poking out at the bottom, there?  I wonder who that was...

FAIL.  Fun pic, though.

This one started to get pretty good at the whole standing up thing about halfway through.  It was fun to watch.

And here's Hubby, planking.  Look it up.  Planking.  I'm so proud!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Schprid Turned 2!

 And boy, oh, boy did we have a fun party!  Both sets of grandparents came, as did a couple of uncles and an aunt.  So many people!  So much fun!  Since it's currently her favorite show, we did a Blue's Clues party.

I don't know if you can read it, but these post-it notes spell out Blues Clues, and they were posted right above Side Table Drawer.

Here she is in her very own Thinking Chair, just after we found her very own Handy Dandy Notebook.  She was pretty stoked.

Our theme was, "What are we going to do with all these people?"  Basically, we looked at things that people might like to do.  Our first thing was singing songs.

Here is Daddy, playing the guitar, and Uncle Cameron, looking completely thrilled to be participating in a 2-year-old's birthday party.  He was a good sport. 

I probably should have cropped this picture, but if you look closely, we found our first clue at the piano.  We were talking about the different sounds that instruments can make, and we found this fun noisemaker.  A clue!  A clue!

Uncle Trevor likes to play with the kick-it ball, which is what we did next.  Schprid had a blast!  And, when we went to put it away in the ball closet, we found...

The second clue on this balloon!

Then it was storytime with Grammy.  The last page contained... you guessed it!  The last clue!  It was posted right there on the picture of a "happy cake."

We had to add that clue to our handy dandy notebook.

Then it was time for the Thinking Chair.  What should we do with all these people with a noisemaker, a balloon, and a cake?  You guessed it!  We should have a party!

Mailtime!!!  Daddy brought the mail, in which our little Schprid discovered that the party was a birthday party for her!  So much fun!

We went outside, where we discovered balloons, hot dogs, and Big Bubbles!!!

Schprid loves bubbles.  Fortunately, so do adults!  It was lots of fun.

I have no pictures of us eating.  Those rarely turn out well anyway.  And let's face it, who wants to be captured in a picture while stuffing their face?  We did get a few pictures of the cake, though.  I was pretty excited that we made a pawprint.

Present time!  She got quite the haul!

You can't tell in this picture, but she got into tearing the paper off the presents.  She knew what it was all about!

This one was tall.

Along with this floaty toy, she got clothes, and puzzles, and dolls, and books, and coloring stuff, and blocks, and an xylophone.  Best of all, she had a great time, which is the most important thing, I think.